FENCE DEPOT, originally established as an OEM factory, has now transformed into a renowned manufacturer specializing in a wide range of security fences, decorative fences, building fences, and farm fences. Our continuous growth and expansion in technology and markets can be attributed to the unwavering support from our valued customers, the mutually beneficial partnerships with our suppliers, and the dedicated contributions of our exceptional staff.

Our factory operates and is audited according to the ISO system standards. We can quickly access customers’ supplier systems through third-party audits.

Our warehouse is located near the three major ports in China, Shanghai, Qingdao, and Tianjin, which allows us to provide inventory and fast delivery to customers worldwide. Our excellent management, advanced equipment, and skilled workers enable us to serve them according to their needs.

As a well-known fence manufacturer in China, FENCE DEPOT will maintain a global vision, international standards, and Chinese advantages, and hope to make the world safer and more beautiful together with customers and partners.

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Our Advantage

Free Design

Professional and high-efficiency technical team can provide
customers with FREE design services to help develop new products.
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our advantage2

International Standards

All the panels, gates, and accessories are International standards material and production.


Customers can get all related products from the FENCE DEPOT with high quality, competitive prices, quick delivery, and excellent service.
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Quick Delivery

10 containers per day can be shipped with full inventory in our warehouse.

Favorable Payment

We can offer favorable and flexible payment terms for our customers to build a win-win partnership.
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We are not only a supplier for our customers, but we are a listener, designer, manufacturer, and long-term partner for customers.

Our Equipment

Pipe Production Line

Pipe Production Line

– High Precision SteeWire Production Line.

– Laser Cutting Machines.

– Robot Weld Machine.

High Precision Steel Wire Production Line

High Precision Steel Wire Production Line

– Different zinc and tensile strength can be produced simultaneously.

 Hot dipped galvanized or galvanized.

 No MOQ.

Blanking Cutting Machines

Blanking Cutting Machines

– More accurate than manual cutting.
– Smooth cutting surface.
– More standard cutting size.

Bending Machine

Bending Machine

– Suitable for more types of metals.

– High precision and efficiency in product bending.

Laser Cutting Machines

Laser Cutting Machines

– Production of complex patterns.
– Smooth cutting surface.
– Meet customers’ special.
– Customization requirements.

Robot Weld Machine

Robot Weld Machine

– Welding is more standardized.

– More stable quality.

– Higher production efficiency.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Production Line

Hot Dipped Galvanized Production Line

– Thicker zinc layer thickness.

– Smooth surface treatment.

– Suitable for various sizes of products.

Powder Coated Line

Powder Coated Line

– Makes coating non-blind area.

– 16 mechanical spray guns rotating 360 for praying.

– Surface smooth, no wrinkles or cracks.

– Strong adhesion to the metal surface.

Mesh Welding Machine

Mesh Welding Machine

– Various accurate size meshwork.

– Highest welding quality.

– Large-scale automatic production and standardized production.

Our Team


Design Engineer

SketchUp, 3ds Max, SoildWorks, realization of 3D animation by customer demand, and complete the rapid production of physical samples, to help customers seize the market opportunity; Help customers optimize existing product specifications to the greatest extent possible and reduce product costs; Rich experience in product design and development, help customers to develop related products, improve product value-added, increase profits.


Production Specialists

Rich experience in production management to ensure efficient delivery of orders; Rich experience in production line management, QC process management, 100% product qualified; Rich experience in superstore supply warehousing program, efficient inventory arrangement, zero inventory warning.


Transport Specialist

Controllable costs with a shipping company partner for over 10 years; fast delivery, packaging safety, no bruise; FOB, ClF, DDP, DDU, EXW are available.


QC Team

Professional knowledge and skills in the relevant field, and can carry out effective quality control and inspection work. Pays great attention to details and accuracy, and they will test and evaluate the products with a rigorous attitude to ensure that the products meet the standards and requirements. Keen observation and judgment, and can quickly find problems in the product and propose solutions.


After-sales Service

At your service for 72 hours, solve any problems that arise and ensure customer satisfaction; The professional ability and patience to solve problems and effectively deal with various customer problems and situations; Good communication skills, be able to listen to customer needs, articulate solutions, and build good customer relationships.

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