Commercial & Industrial Fence Panels

FENCE DEPOT is one of the well-known fence panel manufacturers in the market. We provide the most suitable commercial fencing and craft fencing solutions for various buyers such as supermarkets, retailers, or distributors. The commercial fence and industrial fence panels we offer are widely used in various scenarios such as commercial and industrial.

We have manufacturing processes and technologies for various materials such as metal steel, aluminum, PVC, etc., so we can provide customers with commercial fences and industrial fence panels of various materials. At the same time, the products we design and produce have multi-functional uses, low maintenance costs, and high safety, so they are widely used and praised by customers.

When manufacturing our products, we produce them to the highest standards and conduct quality inspections on each product to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality products.

FENCE DEPOT is your trusted Commercial Fence and Industrial Fence manufacturer. If you are interested in our products or have other needs, please feel free to contact us at +86 166 7859 6616 or email ( [email protected] ).

Advantages of Choosing Our Products:

1. The commercial and industrial fence panels we provide are very stable and durable, and at competitive prices.

2. Fence panels have a wide range of uses and can be suitable for various commercial and industrial scenarios.

3. The products we provide are made of the highest quality materials, and we can produce products of various materials, so we can meet the different needs of customers.

4. We can customize various specifications of commercial fence panels and industrial fences according to customer needs or usage scenarios.

5. Using advanced production equipment and processes for manufacturing, is more efficient, so the delivery time is short.

6. Professional and stable packaging of products to ensure safe transportation in logistics.

7. Strict quality control and inspection are carried out during the production process to ensure the absolute stability of the quality of our commercial fence panels.

8. We have a professional design department, so just tell us your needs and we will design, produce, and ship.

9. We have many years of experience in supplying various customers such as supermarkets, dealers, and retailers, so we can provide customers with better services.

10. In production, we pursue environmental protection and sustainability and contribute to the world.


1. What details should I provide in my inquiry?

Please advise on the following items: Dimensions, sizes, shapes, and drawing with tolerances: material grade and surface coating.

2. What about the sample time and charge?

7-10 days if you want to customize your requirement, charge according to your design and air freight.

3. Could I pay a visit to your factory?

Yes, of course, if you need, we will help you visit our factory, everything will be well arranged.

4. Can I customize the fencing products?

Of course, as long as you provide specifications and drawings, we can make the products you want. We can customize product size, material, craftsmanship, color, parts, and other specifications according to your needs.

5. What about the delivery time?

As a professional manufacturer in the fence industry, we have advanced production equipment and rich experience, so it only takes us three weeks to complete a complete 40-foot HQ container product. But the specific delivery time also depends on the products and the specific quantity you need.

6. What is your MOQ?

10-100-500-1000-5000-10000-200000 pcs etc. depending on a different size, items, design, and process. At the same time, we are very flexible and accept MIN and SMALL quantities accordingly.

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