W-Stay Farm Gate

Using a quality farm gate ensures the safety of your property and livestock and enhances the aesthetics of your farm. FENCE DEPOT provides the W-Stay farm gate with favorable prices and stable and durable quality.

The special W-Stay design of our product improves the stability of the frame, while the wire mesh also enhances the overall stability. While blocking potential external threats, metal mesh filling mesh can also prevent livestock from escaping and improve farm safety. The wire diameter in the filling mesh reaches 5mm, which is more reliable.

The product is made of galvanized steel plate and uses exquisite welding technology. The strength and stability are greatly improve, so it can withstand huge external pressure. We designed the frame of the product as a round tube to make it easier to install and use. At the same time, there are no sharp edges to ensure the safety of operators and livestock.

Our product is available in gradient filling mesh and normal filling mesh, and we have a variety of sizes to choose from to suit the needs of different farms. Of course, product size, filling density, and process can all be specially customized.

FENCE DEPOT is your trusted farm gate manufacturer. Also, for more information about our W-Stay farm gate, please contact us at +86 16678596616 or email [email protected]. We’re here to help.

W-Stay Farm Gate Product Features

1. The price is competitive while the quality is stable and durable.

2. W-Stay and metal mesh filling mesh design, so it can improve the overall stability

3. The w-stay farm gate is made of galvanized steel, which is high-strength and durable.

4. There are no sharp edges, which ensures the safety of operators and livestock.

5. The frame of the W-stay farm gate is a round tube for easy installation and use.

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