Temporary Fence Ground Anchor

Model NO:

– Hand welded for optimum strength.

– Hot dipped galvanised steel.

– Strong and durable.

– Lightweight.

– Easy to transport and store.


Temporary fence ground anchors are one of the important accessories that provide stability and security to temporary fence panels. It’s also easy to install, highly durable, and affordable, making it an excellent accessory.

Install and secure your temporary fence using temporary fence ground anchors to increase the life of your temporary fence, so these accessories allow you to improve your system as you work. The purpose of these anchors is to prevent panels from moving or shifting, thus ensuring the safety and integrity of construction sites, outdoor events, and other temporary fencing. So not only is it versatile, but it’s also suitable for a variety of surfaces, including grass, clay, soil surfaces, and more.

Our products eliminate troublesome operations such as digging and drilling holes during installation. Operation is faster, cleaner, and simpler. Twisting the ground anchor with downward pressure makes it easy to quickly install the pile into soft ground. Of course, using electric equipment can make installation easier and shorten the time.

Our products are made from galvanized steel to prevent damage from rust, corrosion, and rot. and prevent erosion of the underground environment. At the same time, in order to meet your product or other needs, our products can provide customized services and customize various specifications. Of course, if you choose our temporary fences, you will get a better experience when used in combination.

FENCE DEPOT is your trusted temporary fence manufacturer. For more information about our temporary fence ground anchor products, including stock availability, please feel free to call +86 16678596616. You can also contact us via email: [email protected]. We’re here to help.


Product Specifications:

Width(mm) Height(mm) Depth(mm) Weight(kg)
100 450 70 1.3


Temporary Fence Ground Anchor Features:

The Temporary Fence Ground Anchor offers several key features that make it a highly effective and reliable accessory for securing temporary fencing panels:

1. Sturdy Construction:

These ground anchors are constructed using high-quality materials such as steel or stainless steel, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. They are designed to withstand outdoor conditions and provide reliable support.

2. Versatile Design:

Temporary Fence Ground Anchors are available in various designs and sizes to accommodate different soil types and installation requirements. This versatility allows easy adaptation to different environments and ensures a secure anchor connection.

3. Easy Installation:

The ground anchors are designed for easy installation, with options for manual installation or utilizing power-driven equipment. This convenience saves time and effort during the setup process.

4. Secure Connection:

The ground anchors create a secure connection between the fencing panels and the ground, preventing movement or displacement. This stability enhances the overall effectiveness of the temporary fence system and ensures the safety of the enclosed area.

5. Moderate Holding Strength:

The specialized helix design of the ground anchors provides moderate holding strength in most soil types. So this feature allows for a reliable and secure installation without the need for excessive torque or complicated installation procedures.

6. Cost-effective Solution:

Temporary Fence Ground Anchors offer a cost-effective solution for securing temporary fencing panels. So they provide the necessary stability and security at a reasonable price point, making them an economical choice for various applications.

6. Compatibility:

These ground anchors are designed to be compatible with a wide range of temporary fencing panel systems. Whether used for construction sites, outdoor events, or other temporary enclosures, the ground anchors can be easily integrated into existing or new fencing setups.

Packing and Shipping

Packaging & Shipping

The packaging and transportation of Temporary Fence Ground Anchors are carefully designed to ensure the safe and convenient handling of the product. Here are the key aspects of the packaging and transportation process:

Packaging Materials:

The ground anchors are typically packaged in sturdy and protective materials, such as cardboard boxes or wooden crates. These materials provide cushioning and protection against any potential damage during transportation.

Individual Packaging:

Each Temporary Fence Ground Anchor is often individually packaged to prevent scratching or rubbing against other anchors. This helps maintain the quality and integrity of the product during transit.


1.  Can I order a sample of any product?

Yes. You can order any product that FENCE DEPOT offers and it takes within 2 weeks for delivery.

2. What is the best way to specify sizes?

Always specify width x height.

3. What information do you need when I call or send a quote request?

Everything you’ve got! It is best to provide the applicable drawings and product specifications.

This will ensure we cover all the project requirements in the quote.

4. What is the typical lead time for an order?

Small orders are typically 2-3 weeks, depending on the finishes required. Larger orders will take

4-5 weeks. These lead times can vary depending on the time of year and workload in the factory.

5. Do you have standard sizes?

All steel or aluminum products from us are “made to order”. We have very flexible manufacturing

capabilities and will size our products to meet your requirements.

6. What finishes are available?

Any of our products can have one of several high-quality architectural finishes applied. We offer

phosphate finish, powder-coating finish, which guarantees 10 years of discoloration for outdoor application.

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