Black Mesh Welded Wire Dog Kennel Panel

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– The entire product has no sharp edges and is smoother to prevent animals from being harmed.

– High-strength metal material is more sturdy and durable.

– The overall structure is easy to install and operate and can be formed into any shape.

– Can be customized according to needs or usage scenarios.

– Professional packaging of products ensures safe transportation.

– Special pricing is available for bulk orders.


FENCE DEPOT’s goal is to provide customers with innovative products for high-quality fences for businesses, farms, pets, etc. We will continue to build our brand and industry-leading products to meet the expectations of our customers and partners. The mesh welded wire dog kennel panel offered by us is a pet-friendly product.

The product has a very wide range of uses, not only suitable for various animals but also suitable for various usage scenarios. The entire frame structure design makes it very easy to install. There are pre-assembled modular panels that are easy to install using our accessories. Our attention to detail is also very good. There are no sharp edges in the entire product, thus preventing your pet from being harmed.

In terms of materials for manufacturing products, we use high-tensile strength metals that will not deform or otherwise occur. The surface is also premium powder coating and therefore offers excellent protection against rust, corrosion, and fading. A variety of processes make the product extremely durable, making it the perfect choice.

As a professional manufacturer, we can customize various specifications of products according to usage scenarios and needs, including panels, sizes, colors, etc.

FENCE DEPOT is your trusted Residential Fence manufacturer. For more information on our black mesh welded wire dog kennel panel, including stock availability, please feel free to call +86 16678596616. You can also contact us via email: [email protected]. We’re here to help.


Product Specification:

Size(mm) Panel Quantity Material Surface Treatment Color
1220(4ft)x 1220(4ft) 1 High Strength Galvanized Steel Hot Dip Galvanizing or Powder Coating Black or Other Colors
2440(8ft)x 1220(4ft) 2
2440(8ft)x 2440(8ft) 4
3660(12ft)x 1220(4ft) 2
1830(6ft)x 1220(4ft) 3、5、6、7、8

Of course, as a professional manufacturer, we have advanced production equipment and technology, so we can customize the products according to demand or more usage scenarios, including panel size, material, process, color, and other specifications.


Details of Each Part of The Welded Wire Dog Kennel


1. We can customize the logo for customers to showcase their brand.

2. The package comes with a variety of connection accessories, making it easier to install.

3. Use the Fence Clamp to install two panels, and the connection is more stable.

4. The mesh welded wire dog kennel panel has a special rotating feeding bowl, so it is convenient for personnel to operate and pets to eat.

5. Use the Bottom Post Cap to prevent friction, water, or other impurities from entering and protect the product.

6. The panel hinge locking structure is easy to operate and very secure when closed.

7. The product panel is equipped with a tarpaulin hook, which makes it easy to install the waterproof tarpaulin and more secure.


Black Mesh Welded Wire Dog Kennel Panel Various Combinations:

Black Mesh Welded Wire Dog Kennel Panel Various Combinations

Black Mesh Welded Wire Dog Kennel Panel Various Combinations


Product Graphic Display of Different Combinations:

Dog Kennel Graphic Display of Different Combinations


Advantages of Welded Wire Dog Kennel Panel:

1. Fully automatic mesh welding process, so the overall structure of the product is more stable and stronger.

2. The product as a whole is very smooth and has no sharp edges or impurities, thus preventing harm to animals.

3. The high-strength material and exquisite powder coating process give it long-lasting performance and is very stable and durable.

4. It can be freely composed according to the needs, and of course, the installation is very easy and convenient.

5. It has a wide range of uses and can be suitable for various usage scenarios, such as courtyards, farms, parks, etc.

6. Specially package the welded wire dog kennel to ensure its safe logistics and transportation.


1. Q: Can your mesh welded wire dog kennel panel be customized?
A: Of course. Our products can be customized to the specific needs of your fence size or other scene, including size, materials, and workmanship.

2. Q: We want to get our mesh welded wire dog kennel panel faster. What do you think we should do?
A: We will develop the most effective production plan for you based on your product quantity and category, and ship it to you as soon as possible after production is completed. If you have needs, we can deliver quickly after communication.

3. Q: What is the required sample time and cost?
A: If you need samples, we will be happy to provide them to you. It will be free but you need to bear the shipping cost.

4. Q: What is the delivery time of our mesh welded wire dog kennel panel?
A: In the manufacturing process, we use advanced production equipment and technology, so it is more efficient and the delivery time is shorter. But the specific delivery time depends on the product type and quantity you need.

5. Q: Are you a professional manufacturer?
A: Yes, we have professional design, manufacturing, and shipping teams. We have been providing specialized products in the field of fences and related accessories for 10 years.

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