Cattle Fence Panel Drop Pins

Model NO:

– High-quality steel fitting for cattle yard panel.

– Hot-dipped galvanized for durability and corrosion resistance.

– Easy installation and secure connection.

– Wide range of applications and can be adapted to various panels.

– Has many years of experience in supplying goods through various channels.

– Special pricing is available for bulk orders.

FENCE DEPOT not only provides quality farm fencing and gates but also provides related accessories to make them easier to install and use. Cattle fence panel drop pins are specially designed by us to connect two Cattle Fence Panels.

Using our products is a simple and effective way to join two panels together. When you install the panels, simply insert pins into the top and bottom clips of both panels to securely connect the panels. Stability can be further enhanced. This product pairs perfectly with our cattle fencing panels to frame any area you wish to frame.

The cattle fence panel drop pins are made of high-quality steel to ensure you get a strong and reliable product. We use a galvanized coating, which gives it excellent corrosion resistance and extends its service life. At the same time, we can customize various specifications of products according to panel size or customer needs.

FENCE DEPOT is your trusted farm fencing manufacturer. For more information on our cattle fence panel drop pins including stock availability, please feel free to call +86 16678596616. You can also contact us via email: [email protected]. We’re here to help.


Product Size:

Cattle Fence Panel Drop Pin Product Size


Advantages of Cattle Fence Panel Drop Pins:

1. Convenience and Efficiency:

The panel drop pins system offers a convenient and efficient method for connecting two panels in livestock fencing. With the simple insertion of a pin through the top and bottom clips, the panels are securely joined together. This ensures a quick and hassle-free assembly process for your cattle yard fence.

2. Durability:

Our drop pins are crafted from high-quality steel, which guarantees a durable and long-lasting product. The use of high-quality materials ensures that the pins can withstand the rigors of livestock farming and remain in excellent condition even in harsh environments.

3. Dependability:

Cattle panel drop pins provide a reliable connection between panels. The secure joining of the panels ensures that your cattle yard fence will remain sturdy and intact, so minimizing the risk of animals escaping or external threats entering the enclosure.

4. Hot-Dip Galvanized Coating:

Our 16mm drop pins feature a hot-dip galvanized coating. This coating provides excellent corrosion resistance, protecting the pins from rust and extending their lifespan. The galvanized finish also adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the product.

5. Compatibility:
Product compatibility with our Cattle Yard Cleats C Brackets. The combination of these two products ensures a seamless and secure connection between panels, further enhancing the overall strength and stability of the fencing system.


1. Q: Can you design for us?
A: Yes, our professional technology department can design our advanced software. Just send us your requirements in Word or orally, and we can do all other work for you.

2. Q: We want to get our products faster. What should we do?
A: We will make the most efficient production plan for you according to the quantity and category of your products. At the same time, if there is such a demand before the order is reached, we can achieve rapid delivery by air after communication.

3. Q: What about the sample time and charge?
A: (1) 7-10 days if you want to customize your products without making the tooling. It would be free of charge.
The freight shall be borne by the buyer.

4. Q: What about the delivery time of our products?
A: For standard specification, we have standard products in stock, which means we have them in stock. If you need this product like this, it can be delivered without delivery.

Packing and Shipping

For cattle fence panel drop pins products, our standard packaging is thick plastic + carton. If you have other requirements, we will pack them strictly according to your requirements. At the same time, we use sea transportation, which is convenient, fast, and stable.

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