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10 Head Cattle Yard Fence

Model NO

– 10-head holding capacity

– 1800mm H x 2200mm L Cattle Panels

– 2200mm H X 2200mm L Cattle Gates

– 800m H X 2200m L Cattle Sliding Gates

– Adjustable Cattle Loading Ramp With Winch

Cattle Yard Fence can serve as a versatile fencing solution for livestock, suitable for both portable and permanent applications. Moreover, these panels, measuring 2.2m x 1.8m and constructed from heavy-duty hot-dipped galvanized pipe to the Australian standard, are ideal for use on uneven or steep terrain.

At FENCE DEPOT, we design our 10 cattle yard fence to accommodate 10 cattle and include a range of essential components. This includes 2.2m x 1.8m cattle panels, as well as a 2.2m x 2.2m cattle gate and a 0.8m x 2.2m cattle sliding gate.

Furthermore, our cattle gates feature chain catches or slam catches and provide versatile installation options, allowing you to choose between concreting a post into the ground or pinning heavy-duty frames to the cattle panels. We equip all cattle gate frames with corner braces and construct them with heavy wall steel.

Furthermore, our comprehensive range of cattle yards features a full set of essential equipment, including Cattle Panels, Cattle Gates, Sliding Gates, Man Gates, Headbails, Race Bows, Vet Crushes, Cattle Loading Ramps, and Hay Feeders.

FENCE DEPOT is your trustworthy farm fence manufacturer. For further information about our cattle yard fence products, including stock availability, please feel free to call us at +86 16678596616. You can also reach us via email at [email protected]. We are here to assist you.


Product Size:

10 Head Cattle Yard Planes & Gates product size


Product Parameters:

1800mm H x 2200mm L Cattle Panels
– Size: 1800mm(H) x 2200mm (W)
– Vertical pipe: 40mm x 40mm stiles, 1.6mm Thick
– Horizontal rail: 30mm x 60mm rail, 1.6mm thick x 6 Oval
– Finish: HDG 15-microns2200mm H X 2200mm L Cattle Gates
– Size: 2300mm(H) x 2200mm (W)
– Vertical pipe: 40mm x 40mm stiles, 1.6mm Thick
– Horizontal rail: 30mm x 60mm rail, 1.6mm thick x 6 Oval
– Finish: HDG 15-micronsAdjustable Cattle Loading Ramp With Winch
– Height: 3200mm, Length: 2820mm, Width: 1420mm;
– Adjustable Ramp Height: 860mm~1460mm
– Ramp Size: 720mm Width, 3230mm Length
– Vertical Frame: 50*50*2mm;
– Top Side Long Tube: 40*40*2mm;
– Side Galvanized Sheet: 1.6mm
– Galvanized Footboard 2mm thick;


Product Features:

– Top Hill 7 oval rail cattle panel and cattle gate are made from galvanized steel.
– Additionally, each gate/panel is supplied with two pins for yard construction, and the gate comes with steel caps on the top and bottom.
– Also the gate/panel comes with handy lugs for ground pinning. The loading ramp is fully adjustable and includes anti-slip treads and a fully enclosed floor.
– Premium portable cattle panel/gate also available in 40x80mm, and 42x115mm with 2mm thickness.


Product Details:

10 Head Cattle Yard Planes & Gates product details

Our company places great emphasis on the details of our products and rigorously controls their quality. As a result:

1. The product is sturdy, ensuring the safety of livestock.

2. Furthermore, the welding place is clean and exhibits strong anti-rust and anti-corrosion abilities.

3. In addition, welded lugs are included for easy connection, with the lugs being welded on all four sides for enhanced durability and safety.

4. Moreover, footplates are incorporated on the panel, allowing the panels to be cemented on the ground with nails.

5. Lastly, there are three types of pipes available for corral panels: square pipe, oval pipe, and round pipe.


1. What are the dimensions of the Cattle Yard Fence?
The dimensions of our Cattle Yard Fence can vary depending on the specific model and configuration. We recommend reaching out to the manufacturer for precise measurements of the product you’re interested in.
2. Is the Cattle Yard Fence suitable for other types of livestock besides cows?
While our Cattle Yard Fence is primarily designed for cattle, it may also be suitable for other types of livestock, such as sheep or goats. Please consult the manufacturer for more information on compatibility with other animals.
3. Can I easily expand the Cattle Yard Fence to accommodate more animals?
The modular design of the Cattle Yard Fence allows for easy expansion to accommodate additional animals. Please contact the manufacturer for guidance on expanding your fence in the most efficient manner.
4. How do I maintain and clean my Cattle Yard Fence?
Regular maintenance and cleaning are essential to ensure the longevity and functionality of your Cattle Yard Fence. Inspect your fence regularly for any signs of wear or damage, and address any issues promptly. For cleaning, simply use a pressure washer or hose to remove any dirt or debris.

Packing and Shipping

Packing and Shipping of Cattle Yard Fence
The package is extremely important for the Cattle Yard Fence. We use heavy-duty steel frame packages to protect the good products. It will be very easy for our customers to unload the pallets by forklift. Our packaging is very strong, ensuring the product will not be damaged during transportation. We use air or sea transportation, and the transportation is fast and stable. Will not make you wait too long.

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