5-Bar Farm Gates Metal Galvanised 4170mm(14ft)x1170mm(4ft)

Model NO:

– The gate’s surface is smooth and free of impurities, preventing injuries to livestock and operators.

– The 5-bar and one vertical pillar design ensures overall frame stability.

– The hot-dip galvanizing process therefore makes it rust-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and oxidation-resistant.

– The size, material, and craftsmanship of the product can be customized.

– Advanced production technology and equipment, short delivery time.

– Special pricing is available for bulk orders.


FENCE DEPOT’s 14ft 5-bar metal farm gates are an outstanding solution for delineating and securing rural farmland areas, providing both livestock management and human safety. Boasting a construction of uniformly high-quality pipes, these gates promise a long-lasting and robust barrier against unauthorized access to animal pens.

Firstly our 5-bar farm gates are made from top-quality galvanized tubing, carefully welded to the adjacent frame to increase their durability. The use of protective coatings prevents the damaging effects of weathering and rust. With a size of 4170mm (14 feet) in length and 1170mm (4 feet) in height, with 2 vertical stays, this gate is perfect for most farm enclosures. So this product can ensure the safety of animals and people. So you can use our products in many scenarios.

Secondly, the 5-bar metal farm gates are crafted from 25NB galvanized steel pipe, featuring a wall thickness of 2mm, offering exceptional strength and resilience. The full welding construction method further reinforces the gate’s durability and sturdiness. Ensuring strength, lightweight, durability, and long-lasting performance. For added safety, be sure to secure it in place when using it.

Then designed for effortless usage and installation, these gates bring a modern aesthetic to field enclosures, thanks to the use of lightweight pipes in their construction. We not only offer 14ft 5-bar metal farm gates galvanized 4170mmx1170. Various sizes such as 10ft 5-bar farm gates, 12ft 5-bar farm gates, etc. are also available. Our sizes, colors, and specifications can be customized as per your needs. And provide you with ideal solutions.

FENCE DEPOT is your dependable manufacturer of Farm Gate. Furthermore, for more information about our 14ft 5-bar metal farm gates including stock availability, please don’t hesitate to contact us at +86 16678596616 or via email at [email protected]. So we’re here to help you.


Product Specification:

Stay Type 5-Bar
Height 1170mm
Length 4170mm
Mesh Infill N/A
Brace 2 Braces
Weight 38kg
Finish Hot Dip Galvanised & Spraying (optional)


Product Details:

Galvanized Mesh Farm Gates Product Details

1. Our 4170L (14ft)x1170H (4ft) 14ft 5-bar metal farm gates meet high standards and are very popular in the market

2. Hot-dip galvanized pipes, internally and externally galvanized, corrosion-resistant.

3. Both primer and surface bright zinc paint cover all welds.

4. We prepared the pipe, then put it on the welded shaping machine(the pipes are hot dipped galvanized if needed), and welded the pipe together.

5. After the production, we will conduct the quality inspection. And ensure that the quality of each product meets standards.


5-Bar Farm Gates Features:

1. Market Popularity:
The 5-bar metal farm gate we offer is renowned for its high-quality standards and has garnered significant market popularity.

2. Not easy to corrode:
Special powder coated inside and out to prevent rust and corrosion.

3. Robust and Durable:
We design our 5-bar farm gates using 25NB hot-dipped galvanized pipe featuring a 2mm wall thickness. This ensures that they are robust and capable of withstanding the most rigorous farming environments.

4. Quality Treatment:
All our pipes are meticulously welded and galvanized both on the exterior and interior. Treat them with anti-rust paint within 4 hours of welding and spray them brightly after the initial paint layer dries.

5. Production Process:
The production process involves prepping the pipe, setting it on a welding shaping machine (galvanized as necessary), and welding the pipe components together.

6. Quality Assurance:
Post-production, we conduct a thorough quality inspection to ensure that each product adheres to our stringent quality standards.

These are the key product features that make our 14ft 5-bar metal farm gate stand out in the market.


1. What is the size of your 14ft 5-bar farm gates?
Our 14ft 5-bar farm gates measure 4170mm in length and 1170mm in height, making them a perfect fit for most farm entrances.

2. What material are your 14ft 5-bar farm gates made from?
Our 14ft 5-bar farm gates are made from high-quality galvanized steel, which makes them durable and resistant to corrosion.

3. Are your 14ft 5-bar farm gates suitable for different types of animals?
Yes! Our 14ft 5-bar farm gates are suitable for a variety of animals, including cattle, horses, sheep, and other livestock. They are designed to provide a safe and secure environment for your animals.

4. Do you offer customization options for your 14ft 5-bar farm gates?
Yes! We offer customization options for our 14ft 5-bar farm gates, including different sizes and colors. Contact us for more information about our customization options.

5. How can I customize the 14ft 5-bar farm gates to fit my specific needs?
As a manufacturer, we can work with our clients to customize the dimensions and design of our 14ft 5-bar farm gates to meet unique requirements. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

6. How do I purchase your 14ft 5-bar farm gates?
To purchase our 14ft 5-bar farm gates, please reach out to us directly. We will work closely with you to provide the best possible fencing solutions tailored to your requirements and offer competitive pricing.

Packing and Shipping

5-bar Farm Gate Packing and Shipping

Packaging is very important for 14ft 5-bar farm gates. We use strapping + pallets or heavy-duty steel frame packaging to ensure that the products are safely transported during logistics, while our customers can easily unload the products. If you have other needs, we will package them strictly according to your needs. We use sea shipping, which is convenient, fast, and stable.


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