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Chain Wire Fence, also known as chain wire security fencing, chain link fence, chain mesh fence, and chain wire fencing, is one of the oldest forms of wire-based fencing. It has a wide range of applications in domestic, commercial, and industrial settings. It can serve purposes such as fencing tennis courts, enclosing factories and buildings, setting up cricket practice nets, enclosing sports facilities, providing temporary fencing, fencing wildlife highways, controlling erosion, and stabilizing rocks.

We are proud to offer chain wire fencing of the highest quality that complies with all relevant Australian standards. Our fencing is available in various heights, wire diameters, and coating types, such as Heavy Galvanized, Lifemax, PVC Coated, and Fusion Bonded PVC. The Chainlink fabric we use is manufactured in compliance with AS1725, ensuring its quality.

Furthermore, our Chain Wire Security Fencing is available in a range of pipe sizes, including 25, 32, 40, 50, 80, and 100NB, as well as various lengths up to 7200mm. We offer multiple grades, ranging from extra light to medium, to accommodate different needs. Powder coating is also available.

At the same time, in our commitment to providing durable, high-quality chain wire fencing that meets the diverse needs of our customers, you can trust our fencing to offer reliable security and longevity. This is due to our range of options and adherence to stringent standards.

FENCE DEPOT is your dependable manufacturer of fences. Furthermore, for more information about our Chain Wire Fence, including stock availability, please don’t hesitate to contact us at +86 16678596616 or via email at [email protected]. We’re here to help you.


Product specifications

Mesh Aperture 25mm to 60mm
Wire Diameters 2.24mm, 2.50mm, 3.15mm, 4mm
Height 450mm to 4500mm
Finish Heavy Galvanised, PVC Coated, Lifemax, and Fusion Bonded


Product Features

– hot dip galvanized pipe frames for long life

– various pipe diameters to suit the width, height, and weight of the gate

– 25mm to 60mm diamond chain wire mesh versions are available, can other diamond sizes to special order

– The standard wire diameter is 2.5mm to 4mm and can be customized

– Black PVC-coated chain wire and black powder-coated frames are made to order for any gate width & height (minimum order quantities and charges apply for powder-coated products).

– Security gate configurations are available with 3 runs of barbed wire

– Hinge sets, drop bolts, and other accessories are available to suit gate frames and posts

– We will fabricate your special gate design to order – send us your drawings and we will quote you


Product applications

– Sports grounds and facilities
– Perimeter fencing for commercial and industrial sites
– Utilities: water, gas, electricity
– Rail
– Education
– Airports

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