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Gate Two Part Hinges

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– Fast and easy bolt-on design.

– Hot-dip galvanized steel is sturdy and durable.

– Other sizes and colors are available.

– Wide range of usage scenarios.

Gate two part hinges are a metal joint device. Use it to make it more stable and to enhance the capabilities of your structure. It is commonly used to join fences, gates, farm fences, and other structures that require moving parts. These structures eliminate the need to drill new holes or create new welds.

Our products have a bolt-on design and we will include bolts and other accessories for you. This structure is fast and convenient, very easy to install, and more stable. The gate two part hinges including accessories are made of high-quality steel, and the exterior is hot-dip galvanized. Our manufacturing process allows products to be lighter and more corrosion-resistant. Increases the life of the product and meets all your functional hardware needs.

Gate two part hinges come in a variety of different sizes to suit the configuration of your various structures such as fences or gates. Of course, we can also customize other sizes and colors to suit your needs. At the same time, we are also one of the well-known fence product manufacturers in China. You are welcome to choose our products.

FENCE DEPOT is your trusted fence manufacturer. Additionally, for more information about our gate two part hinges including stock availability, please feel free to contact us at +86 16678596616 or email [email protected]. So we’re here to help.


Product Specifications:

Model Post-Gate (NB)  CTN  KG
FDCI340001 40 X 25 32 18
FDCI340002 40 X 32 32 24
FDCI340003 50 X 25 32 20
FDCI340004 50 X 32 32 25
FDCI340005 65 X 25 24 22
FDCI340006 65 X 32 24 24
FDCI340007 80 X 25 24 21
FDCI340008 80 X 32 24 22
FDCI340009 80 X 40 24 23
FDCI340010 100 X 25 24 24
FDCI340011 100 X 32 24 25

We can customize it according to the specifications required by the customer.


Product Features:

1. Made of high-quality hot-dip galvanized steel, with enhanced service life:

Our products are made of high-quality steel and are hot-dip galvanized on the outside. More resistant to corrosion and greatly improved service life.

2. Special hinge structure:

Gate two part hinges structure, more stable and sturdy.

3. Easy to install and save physical effort:

The overall system makes installation quick, simple, and easy.

4. Can be specially customized:

We can customize it for you, including size, color, and other specifications. Used to meet the needs of the products you need.


Packing And Shipping:

For gate two part hinges products, we use rigid plastic bags and wooden boxes for packaging. This ensures that the product is not susceptible to other damage during transportation. At the same time, we use sea transportation, which is stable and convenient. You won’t be kept waiting too long.


1. Q: Can your products be customized?

A: Of course, our products can be customized according to fence pipe size or other usage scenarios, including size, craftsmanship, and material.

2. Q: We want to get our products faster. What do you think we should do?

A: We will develop the most effective production plan for you based on the quantity and category of your products, and will ship them to you as soon as possible after production is completed. If you have needs, we can achieve fast shipping after communication.

3. Q: What is the required sample time and cost?

A: If you need samples, we will be happy to provide them for you. It will be free. But you need to bear the shipping cost.

4. Q: How about the delivery time of our products?

A: For standard specifications, we have standard products in stock, which means we have them in stock. If you need such a product, it can be shipped to you as soon as possible.

5. Q: Are you a professional manufacturer?

A: Yes, we have a professional design, manufacturing, and shipping team. We have been supplying specialist products in the fencing field for 10 years.

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