Pipe Adjustable Double Swivel Socket

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– Both ends can be adjusted to any angle for a wide range of use scenarios.

– It is more stable, and safe when using the product.

– A variety of specifications are available, and the size, material, and workmanship can be customized.

– Professional service, correct packaging, and fast logistics.

– Advanced production equipment and processes are more efficient and have shorter delivery times.

– Special pricing is available for bulk orders.


FENCE DEPOT is a professional manufacturer. We mainly provide customers with fences and gates and also provide related accessories to make them easier to install and use. The pipe adjustable double swivel socket is an accessory we offer for connecting and fixing fences.

Our product allows the vertical stakes of the fence to be inserted through it, and then the fence posts can be connected at both ends, making the whole more stable. The adjustable angle fittings on both ends can be at any angle, so it’s variable and you can adjust it to the right angle. Using a double swivel socket is useful when you need to place supports at angles other than 90 or 180 degrees.

The product consists of three parts, the two-end connection and the vertical pile connection. At the same time, we will provide bolts and other accessories to make the installation more convenient. It is made of steel and is galvanized or powder-coated, so it is stable in quality and resistant to rust and corrosion.

Double swivel socket products have a variety of specifications to choose from, so their applicable scenarios and scope are very wide. At the same time, its specifications, size, and craftsmanship can be customized to adapt to different fences or pipes.

FENCE DEPOT is your trusted manufacturer of fence accessories. For more information about pipe adjustable double swivel socket, including stock availability, please feel free to call +86 16678596616. You can also contact us via email: [email protected]. We’re here to help.


Product Specification:

FDCI319001 25 X 32 12 24
FDCI319002 32 X 32 12 24
FDCI319003 40 X 32 12 24
FDCI319004 25 X 50 12 25
FDCI319005 32 X 50 12 25
FDCI319006 40 X 50 12 25

Product Drawings:

Pipe Adjustable Double Swivel Socket Drawings


Advantage of Pipe Adjustable Double Swivel Socket:

1. Both ends can be set to any angle, so it is suitable for various scenarios.

2. Use the double swivel socket to make the fence connection more stable and firm.

3. Various sizes are available so it is suitable for various fence posts or pipes.

4. A professional team that has been supplying dealers or supermarkets for many years, so it has rich experience.

5. Standard and safe packaging, fast and stable logistics, reducing your waiting time.

6. Fast delivery time while maintaining quality and quantity.


1. Q: Can you provide design services?
A: Of course, our professional technical department can assist you with your design using our advanced software. Provide us with your requirements in writing or verbally and we will handle the rest.

2. Q: Can I customize the pipe adjustable double swivel socket with our company logo?
Answer: Of course! We are open to long-term partnerships and are happy to include your company’s logo on our products.

3. Question: What is the durability of the pipe adjustable double swivel socket?
A: Our products are made from high-quality, sturdy steel and can be optionally galvanized or powder-coated to ensure excellent durability and longevity.

4. Q: What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
Answer: For purchasing pipe adjustable double swivel socket products separately, usually our minimum order quantity is 1*20 feet full container. However, we are flexible and can accommodate different order quantities based on your needs.

5. Q: Are you a professional manufacturer?
A: Yes, we have professional design, manufacturing, and sales teams. We have been supplying specialist products in the field of fences and gates and related accessories for over ten years.

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