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Steel Galvanised Star Pickets, Y Post Fences

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– Easy and quick installation

– High strength and durability

– Corrosion resistance due to galvanization

– Low maintenance requirements

– Versatility in supporting various types of fencing

– Cost-effective compared to other fencing options

Star Pickets – light, standard, heavy, and extra heavy duty for Australia & NZ

Star pickets, also known as Y posts or Y pickets, are made of low-carbon steel. These steel posts have a cross-section that forms a three-pointed star. The posts have pre-drilled holes along their length, enabling the attachment of wires to fix metal fences. Y posts find extensive use in the installation of temporary fences and field fencing products, such as cattle and sheep netting, as well as security fences.

Our star pickets are available in different versions: light, heavy, and extra heavy. They can withstand significant impact without deformation or damage. Additionally, our products are highly resistant to corrosion when used outdoors.

Crafted from high-grade rolled steel, these star pickets possess remarkable resistance against breaking, bending, and twisting, ensuring their durability and reliability. They are available in two options: hot-dipped galvanized or traditionally coated with black bitumen, ensuring excellent corrosion resistance and a long lifespan.

Each picket, with its distinctive three-pointed star design, measures approximately 10 cm in length and possesses a sharp end that allows for easy driving into the ground. The flat top of the picket is suitable for hammering. Additionally, you have the option to use a star picket driver, which can enhance installation efficiency, saving both labor and time.

To facilitate the attachment of wires or fences, all pickets have pre-drilled holes along their entire length. We offer a wide range of sizes and weights for sale, allowing you to choose the most suitable option for your needs. Please find our available range listed below.

Star picket products in different sizes and colors


Product parameters:

Name Kg/m Length Weight(kg) Finish
Lightweight Steel Y Post 1.44 1.8 2.59 Overall hot-dip galvanizing
1.44 2.2 3.17
1.44 2.9 4.18
Standard Steel Y Post 1.8 1.8 3.24
1.8 2.2 3.96
1.8 2.9 5.22
Heavy Steel Y Post 3.5 1.8 6.3
3.5 2.2 7.7
3.5 2.9 10.15
Heavy Zinc Steel Y Post 1.35 2.5 Overall hot-dip galvanizing
1.5 2.8
1.65 3.1
1.8 3.3
2.1 3.9
2.4 4.5
Super Heavy Zinc Steel Y Post 1.8 6.4
2.1 7.5
2.4 8.5
Heavy Black Steel Y Post 1.35 2.5 Black Asphalt Paint
1.5 2.8
1.65 3.1
1.8 3.3
2.1 3.9
2.25 4.2
2.4 4.7
Super Heavy Black Steel Y Post 2.4 8.5
Dipped Paint Thickened Steel Y Post 2.4 7.58 Black Asphalt Paint
2.1 6.64
1.83 5.78
Dipped Paint Lightweight Steel Y Post 1.58 0.45 0.71
1.58 0.6 0.95
1.58 0.9 1.42
1.58 1.35 2.13
1.58 1.5 2.37
1.58 1.65 2.61
1.58 1.8 2.84
1.58 2.4 3.79
Hot Dip Galvanizing Thickened Steel Y Post 2.4 7.58 Overall hot-dip galvanizing
2.1 6.64
1.83 5.78
Hot Dip Galvanizing Lightweight Steel Y Post 1.58 0.45 0.71
1.58 0.6 0.95
1.58 0.9 1.42
1.58 1.35 2.13
1.58 1.5 2.37
1.58 1.65 2.61
1.58 1.8 2.84
1.58 2.4 3.79


Product Features:

1. This type of star picket exhibits a 30% improvement in both mechanical and physical properties compared to common steel posts of the same section size.
2. We offer both hot-dipped and black bitumen-coated steel Y posts in various lengths and weight standards.
3. The black bitumen coating has been tested by SGS and contains only 0.02% lead.
4. Our products comply with the ASTM A702 and ISO 9001 standards.
5. In addition to the posts, we also provide field fences, barbed wire, post drivers, post removers, and other associated accessories for your projects.


Production Process:


Applications of star picket

In terms of fastening steel wire lines or barbed wires, the commonly used option is star pickets with hole type, which allow for easy attachment. Moreover, star pickets with teeth type are widely preferred for securing various types of steel wire mesh fences. These fences can include welded wire mesh fence panels and cattle fences. These star pickets effectively fasten the fences, providing reliable stability and security.

Star picket for fastening barbed wire Star picket for fastening cattle fence
Star picket for fastening barbed wire. Star picket for fastening cattle fence.



1. Are Steel Y Posts customizable?

Yes, we can be customized according to your specific requirements. We offer various lengths, weights, and coatings to suit your needs. Please contact us with your requirements, and we will be happy to assist you.


2. How long will Steel Y Posts last?

Due to their galvanized coating, Steel Y Posts have excellent corrosion resistance and can last for several years, depending on the environmental conditions and proper maintenance. In most cases, they can provide reliable fencing support for 10-15 years or more.


3. Can Steel Y Posts be used for electric fences?

Yes, Steel Y Posts are suitable for use with electric fences. However, it is essential to use insulators specifically designed for Y-posts to prevent shorting and ensure the proper functioning of the electric fence.


4. How do I order Steel Y Posts from your company?

To place an order for Steel Y Posts, please visit our website or contact our sales team directly. We will be happy to provide you with a competitive quote and assist you with any inquiries you may have.


5. What is the delivery time for Steel Y Posts?

The delivery time for Steel Y Posts depends on the order quantity and our current production schedule. Generally, we aim to complete and ship orders within a few weeks. However, for specific lead times, please contact our sales team, and we will provide you with an accurate estimate.

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