T Pipe Clamp Connector

Model NO:

– Creates a stable grip and strong connection to the fence.

– High-quality materials and workmanship are durable and corrosion-resistant.

– A wide range of applications can be used in various pipelines.

– The mirror design allows for quick and easy installation.


FENCE DEPOT not only provides high-quality products such as fence fencing and gates, but we also provide a variety of related accessories for better installation and use of our products. The T pipe clamp connector is used to connect the fence pipes to form a T shape or angle.

The product consists of two mirror parts connected by a bolt and nut. So that it can be put together in the form of a puzzle, making it more stable and in place. At the same time, the design of the mirror surface allows easy installation with tools on both sides.

This product allows you to easily connect two pipes at a 90-degree angle or use it as an elbow at the end of a conduit. Therefore it is not only suitable for our fences, but can also be for other pipes as long as the size is suitable.

The T pipe clamp connector is made of the same galvanized steel material as our fence, which is more stable and durable. The process of galvanizing or coating makes it rust-proof and corrosion-resistant and can resist the damage of the external environment. At the same time, to adapt to different fence or pipe needs, we can provide customized services.

FENCE DEPOT is your trusted manufacturer of fence accessories. For more information about the T pipe clamp connector, including stock availability, please feel free to call +86 16678596616. You can also contact us via email: [email protected]. We’re here to help.

T Pipe Clamp Connector Drawings

Product Drawings


Product Specifications:

Model Thru/Butt (NB) Ctn Model Thru/Butt (NB) Ctn
FDCI314015 15/15 140 FDCI314008 40/32 30
FDCI314016 20/15 100 FDCI314009 40/40 20
FDCI314017 20/20 100 FDCI314010 40/50 10
FDCI314018 20/25 80 FDCI314011 50/25 30
FDCI314019 25/20 80 FDCI314012 50/32 30
FDCI314001 25/25 50 FDCI314013 50/40 20
FDCI314002 25/32 40 FDCI314014 50/50 10
FDCI314020 25/40 25 FDCI314022 65/50 15
FDCI314021 32/25 21 FDCI314023 80/25 30
FDCI314003 32/25 40 FDCI314024 80/32 25
FDCI314004 32/32 40 FDCI314025 80/40 25
FDCI314005 32/40 20 FDCI314026 80/50 15
FDCI314006 32/50 20 FDCI314027 100/32 25
FDCI314007 40/25 40


Product Advantage:

1. High-quality material, durable and corrosion-resistant:

The T pipe clamp connector is made of galvanized steel and powder-coated to make it more durable and corrosion-resistant.

2. Easy installation:

This product has two mirrored parts, so installation is quick, convenient, and simple.

3. Stable and firm:

It’s easy to make fences create a stable grip and strong connection using the T pipe clamp connector.

4. Wide scope of application:

The T pipe clamp connector can easily connect two pipes, so it is not only suitable for fences but also other pipe structures.


1. Q: Can you design for us?
A: Yes, our professional technical department can design our advanced software. Just send us your requirements in text or verbal form and we will do all the rest for you.

2. Q: We would like to get our T pipe clamp connector products faster. What should we do?
A: We will develop the most effective production plan for you based on the quantity and category of your products. At the same time, if there is such a demand before the order is placed, we can achieve fast delivery by air after communication.

3. Q: How about the sample time and cost?
A: (1) If you want to customize your product without making a mold, it will take 7-10 days. It will be free. But you need to provide shipping costs.

4. Q: What is the delivery time of our T pipe clamp connector?
A: For standard specifications, we have standard products in stock, which means we have them in stock. If you need such a product, you don’t have to ship it.

5. Q: What is your MOQ for the trial order?
A: Normally, a full 1*20’ container is required for shipping to protect the product during transportation.

Packing and Shipping

T Pipe Clamp Connector Packing

For T pipe clamp connector products, we usually use the carton + pallet + strapping packaging method, while bolts and other parts are packaged in thick plastic bags. If you have other needs, we will pack according to your requirements. We use sea shipping, which is convenient, fast, and stable.

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