I-Stay Farm Gates

FENCE DEPOT designs and produces i-stay farm gates, whose structure is different from other farm gates. Our aim is easy installation and long-lasting, safe use, bringing quality products and services to your farm.

Our gates use round tubes as supports and frames, with a smooth surface and no sharp edges, eliminating the risk of harm to people and animals. The unique i-stay design can maximize the overall frame strength and stability. The filling of the metal wire can prevent external intrusion.

The i-stay farm gate is made of galvanized steel, ensuring corrosion resistance both internally and externally. At the same time, the powder protective layer is more resistant to rust and wear, so it can adapt to the environment on the farm.

The size of the product is 1170mm (3.8ft) high, and we have a variety of lengths to choose from. Of course, if other sizes are needed, we can customize them for you. We have many years of experience supplying dealers and other industries, so we can provide you with better services.

FENCE DEPOT is your trusted farm gate manufacturer dedicated to helping you. For more information about i-stay farm gates and stock availability, please feel free to contact us at +86 16678596616 or email [email protected]. We prioritize serving you.

I-Stay Farm Gates Features:

1. Galvanized steel material ensures product quality and stability.

2. 5mm wire mesh enhances overall strength and durability.

3. The i-stay design can maximize overall frame strength and stability.

4. The surface is smooth and has no sharp edges, ensuring the safety of operators and livestock.

5. Conduct quality inspections on i-stay farm gates to ensure they meet quality standards and are durable.

6. Have experience in supplying goods to supermarkets and dealers, and have experienced design and production teams.

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