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N-Stay Farm Gates

Farm gates are vital for livestock control and safety, so greater attention should be paid to their quality and safe use. FENCE DEPOT provides N-Stay farm gates which are very popular in the market due to their durability and high quality.

What makes this farm gate different is the design of the N-Stay and wire fill mesh. N-Stay makes the frame more stable and ensures the stability of the gate. At the same time, we use metal wire with a diameter of 5mm to fill the inside of the product, which can better protect the livestock on the farm. The two designs combined can block the collision of large livestock and are suitable for various farm environments.

We use 25NB hot-dip galvanized pipes with a wall thickness of 2 mm to ensure the strength and stability of products. At the same time, you can choose powder coating, which is more rust-proof and corrosion-resistant. The materials and processes used in the products can adapt to various environmental influences.

We offer various lengths from 2980mm (9.7ft) to 4780mm (15.6ft) with heights of 1170mm (3.8ft) to suit different farm sizes. At the same time, if you have other needs, please consult with us and we will make products according to your needs.

As a reliable farm gate manufacturer, FENCE DEPOT is committed to helping you. For more information about N-Stay farm gates and stock availability, please feel free to contact us at +86 16678596616 or email [email protected]. We prioritize serving you and ensuring your satisfaction.

Product Features of N-Stay Farm Gates:

1. High-quality materials and craftsmanship improve durability and ensure quality.

2. The N-Stay design of N-Stay farm gates improves overall stability and safety.

3. Various sizes are available to suit different farms.

4. Years of supplier experience to provide customers with better services.

5. N-stay farm gates are very popular in the market because of their durability, high quality, and low cost.

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