12ft N-Stay Metal Gradient Mesh Infill Farm Gate 3580mm(11.7ft) x 1170mm(3.8ft)

Model NO:

– No sharp edges keep your hands and animals safe preventing injuries.

– Graded horizontal padding ensures strength and durability.

– Hot dip galvanized to maintain quality and ensure corrosion resistance.

– The stake lines are all securely welded to the frame.

– Size and workmanship can be customized.


FENCE DEPOT offers a range of high-quality farm gates. 12ft n-stay metal gradient mesh infill farm gate is one of our products. Our products are highly cost-effective, providing your farm with years of service and minimal maintenance at a low cost.

Farm gates are crafted from heavy-duty galvanized steel. Therefore, the strength and durability of the product can be ensured, and the performance is strong. The product uses graded horizontal wires that can increase or decrease the density of the wires to create a good barrier for animals and livestock. At the same time, we pay attention to environmental protection and use pipe fittings and connecting pins for connection.

We use a fully welded process to make the product stronger and breakage-resistant. At the same time, the product has no sharp edges, ensuring the safety of your hands and animals. The overall design is easy and quick to operate (installation and disassembly) and can be used very flexibly.

We have a variety of sizes for you to choose from. The dimensions of this product are 3580mm (11.7ft) long x 1170mm (3.8ft) wide. At the same time, we can customize services according to the size of the farm and the needs of our customers.

FENCE DEPOT is your trusted farm gate manufacturer. For more information about our 12ft n-stay metal gradient mesh infill farm gate including stock availability please feel free to call +86 16678596616. You can also contact us via email: [email protected]. We’re here to help.


Product Parameters:

Stay Type N-Stay
Height 1170mm (3.8ft)
Length 3580mm (11.7ft)
Mesh Infill 5mm Graduated
Brace N Brace
Weight 31kg
Finish Pipe and Mesh
Surface Treatment Galvanized & Spraying (optional)


Product Features:

1. Our metal gradient mesh farm gate meets a high standard and is very popular in the market.
2. The pipe used in the gate frame and stay is hot-dipped galvanized both inside and outside providing corrosion resistance.
3. Weldmesh: graduated horizontal mesh spacings aperture hot dip galvanized wire mesh.
4. All pipes are galvanized both outside and inside with full welding paint rust protection within 4 hours after welding and then paint until rust bright spray after the premier paint dried.
5. We prepared the pipe, then put the pipe on the welded shaping machine (the pipes are hot dipped galvanized if you need them), and welded the pipe together.
6. We conduct quality inspections on the 12ft n-stay mesh farm gates. Ensure that the quality of each product meets standards.
7. No sharp edges, keeping your hands and animals safe and preventing injuries.


Product Details:

Metal Galvanized Graduated Mesh Farm Gates

1. Our 3580mm(11.7ft) x 1170mm(3.8ft) n-stay gradient mesh infill farm gate meets high standards and is very popular in the market
2. Gradient mesh infill 200mm x 100mm / 200mm x32mm x 5.0mm
3. Both primer and surface bright zinc paint cover all welds.
4. The overall design of the product is beautiful and elegant
5. The frame of the farm gate is stable and strong.
6. After the production, we will conduct the quality inspection. Ensure that the quality of each product meets standards.

Packing and Shipping

Packages are extremely important for shipping. We use heavy-duty steel frame packaging to protect the product well. Our customers can easily unload the pallets with a forklift. Our packaging is very sturdy to ensure the product will not be damaged during transportation. We use sea shipping, and the transportation is fast and stable. You won’t be kept waiting too long.

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