Angle Post Strap

Model NO:

– It is more stable and reliable when fixing the door.

– Easy to install.

– Made of high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship.

– Available in various sizes and customizable.

– Individually packaged to ensure safe shipping.

– Special pricing is available for bulk orders.

FENCE DEPOT can provide our customers with superior quality products and customer service. We provide buyers with a perfect combination of low-cost and quality products. At the same time, we have a wide range of products and provide customers with one-stop purchasing services. Angle post strap is an accessory we produce for installing gates or fences.

The product is shaped like a clip, so it functions as a product to secure farm gates or fence posts to other surfaces. It is not usually used on its own and needs to be combined with another of our products Angle Post Gudgeon to be effective. When installing the product, you need to pass it through the horizontal column on the side of the door and fix the product with two screws. The product installation does not require special operations, so installation is easy and convenient. Also, note that its angled opening accommodates right-angled surfaces.

The connection function of the angle post strap makes it very important in the gate system, so we strictly control its quality. As for the production material, we use galvanized steel, so the quality is more stable and durable, and it can withstand great pressure. In terms of technology, we use powder coating to make it rust-proof and corrosion-resistant so it has a longer service life.

This product is available in two standard sizes and can fit most door pipe sizes. At the same time, as a professional manufacturer, we can customize products according to customer needs or more usage scenarios.

FENCE DEPOT is your trusted manufacturer of Farm Accessories. For more information on angle post straps including stock availability please feel free to call +86 16678596616. You can also contact us via email: [email protected]. We’re here to help.


Product Specification:

Model No PIPE (NB) A B C
FDF311001 25 94 92 45
FDF311002 32 110 103 54

Angle Post Strap Drawings


Advantages of Angle Post Strap:

1. Installing the angle post strap requires no special operations, so it is easy and convenient.

2. Fixing the door makes the door more stable, thus ensuring safety.

3. High-quality galvanized steel material makes the product more durable and stable.

4. Exquisite craftsmanship improves the service life of the product.

5. Many years of experience in supplying to dealers, supermarkets, etc., so we have rich experience.

6. Pack the angle post strap individually to ensure safe transportation.


1. Q: Can your angle post strap be customized?
A: Of course. Our products can be customized to the specific needs of your gate size or other scene, including size, materials, and workmanship.

2. Q: We want to get our angle post strap. What do you think we should do?
A: We will develop the most effective production plan for you based on your product quantity and category, and ship it to you as soon as possible after production is completed. If you have needs, we can deliver quickly after communication.

3. Q: What is the required sample time and cost?
A: If you need samples, we will be happy to provide them to you. It will be free but you need to bear the shipping cost.

4. Q: What is the delivery time of our angle post strap?
A: Our factory is very large and our employees are experienced, so the production speed is fast. The specific delivery time depends on the order quantity of the product you require. So if you have needs please contact us as soon as possible.

5. Q: Are you a professional manufacturer?
A: Yes, we have professional design, manufacturing, and shipping teams. We have been providing specialized products in the field of fences and related accessories for 10 years.

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