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– Various styles and sizes are available and customizable.

– High-quality material is very durable, stable, and has a longer service life.

– Years of supply experience can provide services to all types of customers.

– Advanced production technology and equipment have short delivery times.

– Professional and reliable packaging ensures safe transportation.

– Special pricing is available for bulk orders.


The temporary fence base, also known as temporary fence feet or temp fence feet, supports panels as a construction fencing component. These components possess non-fading, heavy-duty, and cost-effective properties.

At FENCE DEPOT, we fill our temporary fence bases with concrete to provide a sturdy and robust finish. As a result, they become an ideal solution for complementing any temporary fencing application, including construction fencing, demolition sites, domestic renovations, and events. Additionally, they are easy to load, unload, and install, meet the demands of the job, and can be reused. Notably, this product has received widespread praise in Australia, New Zealand, and other regions.

We have designed our temporary fence bases to measure 610 x 230 x 150mm and to work in conjunction with our main temporary guardrail products.

With over 15 years of experience in exporting this product, we have established long-term cooperative relationships with many local distributors and hardware supermarkets.

FENCE DEPOT is your dependable manufacturer of Temporary Fence Accessories. For more information about our temporary fence bases, including stock availability, please don’t hesitate to contact us at +86 16678596616 or via email at [email protected]. We’re here to help you.


Product Specifications

Width(mm) Height(mm) Depth(mm) Weight(kg)
600 150 230 22


Temporary Fence Base Details

Temporary Fence Base Product Details

1. Usually, one pair one temporary fences with two bases, and if there is support, more are needed.

2. The material is HDPE, which is very stable and durable and is filled with cement.

3. Regarding the color, we offer custom services, allowing you to choose according to your actual needs and preferences, such as yellow, green, and so on.


Advantages of Temporary fence base

We incorporate anti-aging properties and use a high-quality anti-UV formula for the temporary fence blocks. This formula includes UV absorbent 2002, UV UV-P, UV absorbent UV-531, as well as BHT2, 6-di-butyl-4-methylphenol yellow UV.

We make the material for the temporary fence base using bright and pure master color granules. Specifically, we use high-density polyethylene No. 5502. The temp fence feet have excellent mechanical properties, with a tensile strength of over 50mpa and 500KG/cm. Additionally, they have an impact resistance of more than 50J/m, bending elasticity of 24000KG/cm, and a load winding temperature of over 100℃. Furthermore, the material has excellent hardness and aging properties.

We can customize the weight of the feet according to customer requirements, ranging from 0.9, 1.0, 1.1, and 1.5 kg to 1.2 kg. We also offer a variety of weight options.

Generally, we design temporary fence concrete feet to suit hole sizes of 32/38/40/42/48/50mm. These feet accommodate long tubes of various diameters in line with the frame tube of construction site fencing.


1.Q: Can you design for us?
A: Yes, our professional technology department can design for our advanced software. Just send us your requirements in Word or orally, and we can do all other work for you.

2. Q: Can I print the Logo of our company?
A: Sure and looking forward to a long-term partnership in the near future!

3.Q: How long does it last?
A: Our products are made of HDPE material with UV, which has a good protection effect and greatly extends the service life.

4.Q: What’s the MOQ?
A: We usually go with panels. MOQ is a 1*20’ft full Container if you buy it separately.

Packing and Shipping

Temporary fence base shipping and packaging

Packaging is very important for the safe transportation of temporary fence bases. We use the packaging method of wrapping film + strapping tape + pallet, which can protect the product to the greatest extent and safely transport it in logistics. At the same time, our customers can easily unload goods using pallets. If you have other needs, we will pack them strictly according to the requirements. We use sea shipping, which is convenient, fast, and stable.


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