Through Post Gudgeon – Galvanised

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– High-quality materials are more stable and durable.

– Advanced production technology has higher efficiency and shorter delivery times.

– Free sample cost.

– Many years of supply experience through various channels.

– Thickened packaging for transportation.

– Special pricing applies for bulk orders.

We manufacture this Through Post Gudgeon with a long pin to fit into a drilled door jamb and act as a mounting pin for a strap door hinge. You get a bolt-thru gudgeon, which bolts through a timber post, and a gate strap, which bolts to the timber gate, and then sits on top of the gudgeon.

The Through Post Gudgeon consists of galvanized steel, providing excellent rust resistance. It contains nuts and washers and is specifically designed to be used with the Strap Hinge. Moreover, this Bolt Hook features full threading, enabling convenient adjustment for correcting gate sag if required.

Our Through Post Gudgeon comes in a variety of specifications and sizes, suitable for most door installations. We can also customize production and design for you, including size and surface treatment. You just need to put forward your requirements.

FENCE DEPOT is your trusted manufacturer of farm fencing and accessories. Furthermore, we bring extensive years of experience in supermarket supply, offering free mold costs. We take the necessary measures to ship all farm door accessories in specially thickened packaging.

For further information regarding our Through Post Gudgeon, including stock availability, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can reach us at +86 16678596616 or send an email to [email protected]. Rest assured, we are here to assist you.


Through Post Gudgeon Specifications:

Through Post Gudgeon Product Drawings

Model No A B CTN KG
FDF303001 170 105 40 17
FDF303002 215 105 40 20
FDF303003 262 180 30 17
FDF303004 363 180 20 14
FDF303005 414 180 20 14


Advantage of Through Post Gudgeon:

1. Install any type of gate where you need the strength of the through post design.

2. Long pin options will allow for gate security when required.

3. Back nuts allow gate adjustment.

4. A strategically located pin transfers the weight throughout the rod.

5. Double Zinc plating offers superior rust resistance.

6. The through post gudgeon thread can be adjusted to the correct gate sag.

7. Nuts and washers included.


Packing and Shipping:

We package our individual Through Post Gudgeon products in thickened bags and place them in cartons or wooden crates. We can customize the packaging to meet specific customer requirements, including the addition of a printed logo or barcode.

Furthermore, we have extensive expertise in meeting stringent packaging standards as a subset of our clients are primarily focused on importing and selling such goods. We have the necessary equipment and expertise to handle supermarket packaging and we are excited to explore opportunities for collaboration with you!

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