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Steel Spear Top Security Fence 2400W- 2 Rail

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– Two layers of anticorrosive processing: galvanizing and powder coating;

– Good anti-corrosion performance;

– Long service life;

– Can be reused after surface treatment after long uses.

As a leading manufacturer of premium fencing solutions, we proudly present our Steel Spear Top Fence. Additionally, this versatile, durable, and aesthetically appealing product is designed to meet the needs of wholesalers, supermarkets, retailers, builders, and engineering companies alike. With its exceptional quality, it is indeed a perfect choice for various industries.

Crafted from high-strength galvanized steel, our Steel Spear Top Fence offers exceptional durability and longevity. Moreover, this makes it an ideal choice for various applications, including residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Additionally, the robust construction, combined with a rust-resistant coating, ensures low maintenance and reliable performance, even in the most challenging weather conditions.

The spear top design adds an elegant touch to your property and enhances security by deterring intruders. It also prevents unauthorized access. Moreover, our Steel Spear Top Fence offers a wide range of customizable options, including sizes, colors, and finishes. This allows it to be tailored to suit your specific requirements and seamlessly integrate with your property’s aesthetic.

Installation is quick and hassle-free. Additionally, this is thanks to our pre-assembled panels and simple mounting system. Furthermore, our commitment to quality extends to the use of stainless steel fasteners and meticulously welded connections. As a result, this guarantees structural integrity and resilience against everyday wear and tear.

FENCE DEPOT is your dependable manufacturer of fences. Furthermore, for more information about our spear top fence, including stock availability, please don’t hesitate to contact us at +86 16678596616 or via email at [email protected]. We’re here to help you.


Spear Top Fence Color Options: 

Steel Spear Top Security Fence Product color

You can provide the color number of the product color to customize the product’s color

Product Parameters: 

Panel Size (mm) Horizontal Rail Size (mm) Vertical Picket Size (mm) Weight(kg)
2400W X 2400H 40X40X2.5 25X25X2.0 72.86
40X40X2.0 25X25X1.6 59.62
40X40X1.6 25X25X1.2 48.19
2400W X 2100H 40X40X2.0 25X25X1.6 53.55
40X40X1.6 25X25X1.2 41.39
2400W X 1800H 40X40X2.0 25X25X1.6 47.58
40X40X1.6 25X25X1.2 36.8
Steel Spear Top Security Fence Product Size


Product Features:

1. Premium High-Strength Galvanized Steel

We meticulously craft our high-strength galvanized steel to provide exceptional durability and longevity. Moreover, we expertly engineer it to withstand harsh weather conditions. As a result, this robust material ensures a sturdy and reliable product that will maintain its structural integrity for years to come.

2. Superior Stainless-steel Fasteners

We assemble each product in the factory using top-quality stainless-steel fasteners to ensure optimal structural integrity and strength. These premium fasteners guarantee a secure and stable assembly, giving you peace of mind and confidence in the dependability of our products.

3. Robust Welded Connections

Our products feature 100% welded connections and joints, meticulously crafted to withstand the rigors of everyday use. This attention to detail and commitment to quality ensures a resilient product that can endure the demands of even the most challenging environments.

4. Personalized Customizable Design

We understand that each customer has unique requirements, which is why we offer customizable designs tailored to your specific needs. Our products can be designed and produced according to your preferred size and color, providing a truly personalized solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing aesthetic.


Production Details of Spear Top Fence

Production Details of Spear Top Fence

Inspection content of raw materials:

1. Appearance: no obvious scratches, rusts, and other defects, pipe material is no obvious bending.
2. Size: Whether the outside diameter, wall thickness, and cutting length satisfy Drawing requirements.

Features of automatic patting:

1. High production continuity and efficiency.
2. Automatic production with a strong consistency of production process and stable quality

Immersion pretreatment

The chemical reaction between the liquid and the metal surface forms a layer of dense crystal film, to enhance the adhesion of the product coating ability

Pre-shipment testing

1. We will do cross-cut testing for the powder coating before delivery.
2. Our QC checks the powder coating thickness at every position of the fence panel. The average thickness of the coating is more than 100um.


Spear Top Fence Production Process:


Steel Spear Top Security Fence Standard Production Process

1. The raw material inspection of the steel spear top fence ensures that the raw materials meet the manufacturing standards, thus ensuring the quality of the product from the source.

2. Cut the galvanized pipe to the appropriate length (fully automatic machine).

3. Mill holes on the cut pipe beams (fully automatic machine).

4. Flatten the cut pipe as necessary.

5. Weld the overall frame structure of the product.

6. Clean surface welding slag and other impurities.

7. Pre-treat the surface (phosphating + pure water cleaning), thus increasing the adhesion of the powder.

8. Powder spray (epoxy polyester primer + MetaPrep topcoat)

9. Quality inspection is performed on every steel spear top fence product, thus ensuring that our customers receive products that meet quality standards.


1. What is a Steel Spear Top Fence?
A Steel Spear Top Fence is a type of fencing solution that combines durability, security, and aesthetic appeal. It is made from high-strength galvanized steel and features a spear top design, which adds an extra layer of protection against intruders while enhancing the fence’s visual appeal.
2. What are the benefits of using a Steel Spear Top Fence?
There are several advantages to using a Steel Spear Top Fence, including enhanced security, durability, low maintenance, and customizable design options. The spear top design deters intruders and prevents unauthorized access, while the high-quality galvanized steel ensures longevity and resistance to harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, the customizable options allow for a tailored fencing solution that suits your specific needs and property aesthetic.
3. Can Steel Spear Top Fences be customized?
Yes, Steel Spear Top Fences can be customized to meet your specific requirements. You can choose from a variety of sizes, colors, finishes, and spear point styles to create a fence that perfectly complements your property and provides the desired level of security.
4. Are Steel Spear Top Fences easy to install?
Yes, our Steel Spear Top Fences are designed for easy and hassle-free installation. The fences come with pre-assembled panels and a simple mounting system that allows for a quick and efficient installation process. However, it is recommended to hire a professional fence installer to ensure a proper and secure installation.
5. Are Steel Spear Top Fences suitable for commercial and industrial applications?
Yes, Steel Spear Top Fences are versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications, including residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Their robust construction, enhanced security features, and customizable design options make them an ideal fencing solution for various types of customers, including wholesalers, supermarkets, retailers, builders, and engineering companies.

Packing and Shipping

Packing And Shipping Of Spear Top FenceThe package is extremely important for the spear top fence. We use stretch film + cardboard + strapping tape + pallet packaging, which is very strong and ensures safe transportation in logistics. At the same time, our customers can easily unload the products using forklifts. If you have other needs, we will pack strictly according to your requirements. We use sea shipping, which is convenient, fast, and stable.

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