What Material is Better For The Fence Panels?

For residences, factories, schools, farms, and other places, it is necessary to install fences and fences. There are many fence materials in the building materials market, so what material is good for fences and fences? Let’s get to know Huayu Guardrail together. At present, the common materials of fence panels are aluminum, zinc steel, cast iron, PVC, steel wire mesh, and cement. Compared with less commonly used wood, glass, and bamboo.


Aluminum Art Fence Panels

Aluminum alloy guardrail is one of the best guardrail materials. And aluminum alloy is famous for its unique advantage of “no rust”. After the surface of the aluminum alloy guardrail is sprayed with powder, it will not rust, will not produce light pollution, and can be always new for a long time; the new technology of interspersed and welded technology is used between the tubes to make it safer. Lightweight and impact-resistant, aluminum alloy guardrails have become the main products of construction.

Aluminum art fence


Advantages of aluminum art fence:

Lightweight and high strength, its strength is three times that of ordinary steel.
With good plasticity, aluminum has excellent hot extrudability and can be made into various shapes. Therefore, it has high attainments in practicality and decoration.
The shape is high-end and atmospheric.
Corrosion resistance, aluminum alloy itself has good corrosion resistance, which makes the guardrail have a longer life and be maintenance-free.


Zinc Steel Fence

The zinc-steel fence panels are a weld-free assembly design, which is quick and convenient to install; the four-layer anti-corrosion treatment avoids the problems of corrosion, pulverization, rust, cracking, and other problems of traditional materials in a short period of time, and the product maintenance and update costs are deducted, and the service life is two More than ten years; railings of this material have good decorative properties, and rich colors meet the individual needs of different customers for products; the products are environmentally friendly and solve the problem of ordinary materials polluting buildings.

Zinc steel fence


Advantages of zinc steel fence:

High safety, zinc steel is a high-strength zinc alloy, and after T5 heat treatment, the overall strength is very high.
Strong anti-corrosion, the surface of the zinc-steel fence panels is self-cleaning after the polyester anti-oxidation spraying process, and its corrosion resistance can last up to 20 years.
Strong adaptability, zinc steel fence also has good weather resistance, salt spray resistance, and heat and humidity resistance, suitable for use in different regions.


Wrought Iron Fence

The wrought iron fence feels more classical, with greater changes, more patterns, and old styles. With the promotion of modern buildings, the use of wrought iron balcony fences has decreased, which is a trend in society.


Advantages of Wrought Iron Fence

The shape is flexible and diverse, and it can be made into almost any shape you want.
Fine workmanship, elegant and beautiful.


PVC Fence Panels

The installation speed can be greatly improved by using socket connectors. The universal socket connection makes it easier to install the guardrail at any angle and in different directions on slopes or uneven ground. It is harder than wood and more elastic than cast iron and has high impact resistance, long service life; service life of more than 30 years; delicate hand feeling, green environmental protection, and a simple and bright shape, which can embellish the appearance of the building, making the environment more warm and comfortable.

PVC fence


Chain Link Fence Panels

Advantages of steel Chain Link Fence Panels:

Strong toughness, the steel wire mesh fence is made of high-quality low-carbon steel wire, which is durable.
Good anti-corrosion, the surface adopts a high-temperature electrostatic plastic spraying process, which has good corrosion resistance while insulated and flame-retardant

Chain Link Fence


Cement and Marble Fence

Advantages of cement fence panels:

Strong impact resistance, the raw materials of the cement fence are sand and Portland cement, which is very strong after molding.

The price is cheap, because the price of raw materials is relatively cheap, so the price is a great advantage of cement fence


Wooden Fence

Advantages of wooden fences:
Wood is the color closest to nature. The simple texture can easily fit the appearance of the building, and it is very harmonious and natural with the flowers and plants in the garden.

Wooden fence


Glass Fence

Advantages of glass fences:
The glass wall fence panels has a vague and hazy feeling that seems to be separated but not separated, and the whole person has a mysterious feeling. As night falls, the glass fence becomes more artistic.


Bamboo Art Fence

Advantages of Bamboo Fence:

The application of bamboo in the design of courtyard fence panels can enhance the whole environment to a higher level. As the old saying goes: “It is better to eat without meat than to live without bamboo. Without meat, people are thin, and without bamboo, they are vulgar.”

The materials of the fence panels are roughly the above-mentioned types, but when choosing a fence guardrail, you must choose it in combination with your specific usage scenario.

If it is a residential home, the aluminum art fence is still the first choice if conditions permit, because it will save you a lot of troublesome work in later maintenance.

If it is used in the factory area, the zinc steel fence is currently widely used. It is not only beautiful, safe, easy to install, but also has good corrosion resistance and long-term durability.


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